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July 26, 2013


Dear Friends,

I would like to thank all of you for your generous donations this past year.  I am pleased to tell you that we raised over $5000 in donations in 2012, with the bulk of the donations coming from small individual donations.  So thank you all for your support!  Through your donations we are currently supporting nearly 40 students to attend school that would otherwise be unable to attend, and we hope to increase this number in the years to come.

This past year, we have seen many of our students graduate from high school and continue on to college, which has been very exciting for both them and us.  It’s wonderful to see that our support truly can help to change the lives of these children.  Initially, we started the foundation with the idea of helping these children get as far along in school as possible until eventually graduating from high school.  Recently though, we’ve come to realize that the same financial hardships that would have prevented them from attending elementary, middle, and high school would also prevent them from attending college.  Therefore, we’ve decided to continue providing some level of support to our students that are able to go on to college.  In total, we are now providing support to seven of our students in college!

This year we will again be hosting our annual Chinese dinner fundraising event in August and hope to see many of you there!  Again, thank you all for your continued support.  We truly are making a difference in these children’s lives and the lives of their families.


Da-Jin Sun, President

26 July 2013



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