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Fall 2010



In Fall 2010, donors accompanied Da-Jin and Charlotte to visit Te Shu Jiao Yue Xue Xiao (School for Deaf, Blind, and Mute) in Datong, Shanxi Province before traveling to Yun Nan Province to meet children living in remote mountain villages.

donors_walking_to_school.jpgAfter arriving in Yun Nan Province, the last stretch of the road to the school was not passable by bus due to recent rains, so everyone had to get out and walk.

La_Bo_County_Primary_School.jpgLa Bo County Primary School, Ning Lang, Yun Nan Province.

UN_Children_Fund_School.jpg World_Bank_Credit.jpg

The school itself is partially supported by the United Nations Children's Fund and the World Bank, but no additional support is available for the students.

children_in_classroom.jpgStudents in their classroom.

donors_with_student.jpgCharlotte and donors with one of the students supported by the foundation.

student_dorms_1.jpgStudent dormitory where students from local mountain villages live during the school year.

student_dorms_2.jpgDormitory room with 2 of 12 students who share a room.

student_dorms_3.jpgAnother dormitory room with some of the student residents.

lunch_1.jpgStudents on their way to lunch.

lunch_2.jpgStudents in line for lunch.

lunch_3.jpgStudents receiving a typical lunch consisting of rice and vegetable soup.

lunch_4.jpgFor an extra Chinese 50 cents, students can purchase a spoonful of potato strips.

donors_lunch_1.jpgDonors shared lunch with the students.

Da-Jin_with_donors_and_students.jpgDa-Jin and donors with two students being supported by the foundation at home in Yong Ning, Ning Lang County, Yun Nan Province.

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