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May 10, 2008


Dear Friends,
Our foundation is up and running. We have come a long way. This is a celebration for us as we share our adventure with you.

It all started with the trip we made to Tibet in 2005. My wife, myself, and three other friends made the voyage. During that trip, one of our friends brought a lot of study materials (notebooks, pencils, etc.) to give to Tibetan children. We asked the local authorities to arrange a visit to an orphanage.  It was a most interesting visit. We learned that the woman who currently runs the facility founded this orphanage. This woman is, herself, a Tibetan orphan. She had been living in Europe and returned to Tibet to found the orphanage. She has helped children who otherwise would be homeless. From 1993 to 2005, this orphanage has provided a home for 180 children. Some of these children have since graduated from college. When we learned about the success of this orphanage, we were deeply moved. While visiting this orphanage, my wife and I decided, on the spot, that we would do what we could to help.

We met with government officials at different levels. We spoke with social service officials in Beijing, Zhejiang, and Chongqing. We were encouraged to begin our work in Yunnan Province. On four different occasions, we visited Li Jiang in Yunnan Province and its surrounding villages. We were directed by the Yunnan Province Li Jiang City Benevolent Association to meet with families. We agreed that select children of Lingnang County of Yunnan Province were in the greatest need of help. The area around Li Jiang, Yunnan is mountainous which makes life very difficult. It takes several days to reach the nearest airport or train station. Once you arrive at one of these transportation hubs, it is another day of walking to reach the small villages. Children must walk nine or ten hours to reach their school. The only way they can receive a quality education is to be boarded at a school. Even though local governments attempt to keep costs in line, the cost of boarding the children is a tremendous burden on families. This is an economically depressed area. Families build their own houses and grow their own grain and vegetables. However, there is little chance of getting this produce to market. Because this area is so isolated, by the time the produce could be delivered to market it would very likely be spoiled. Thus, their sources of income are limited. As a result, there is not enough money available to send the children to a boarding school.

Meanwhile, we have been very busy developing our program. In 2007 we started a non-profit corporation in the state of Idaho, USA. We applied for and received approval for 501(C)(3) tax exempt status with the United States Internal Revenue Department. Since the start of 2008, we have begun funding eleven children to attend school. We hope we can help them complete 12 years of basic education through graduation from high school.
While we have started funding eleven children, there are more who are in need of assistance. With this in mind, we have launched a sponsor-a-child program. All it takes to ensure these children get a chance to receive a quality education in a boarding school is $250 U.S. a year per child. This is less than $21 U.S. a month. We do not take any of the money for administrative costs. The money goes directly to the children's education. We provide you with a receipt. This is a wonderful way for you to help a child get a chance to succeed in life by getting the education he or she needs.

We have another project underway which will help children in another way. We have signed an agreement with the local government of Dong Yang City, Zhejiang Province to use their land to build a new group home. When this is complete, we will be able to house between 20 and 30 orphaned or underprivileged children. We hope that by the end of 2008 or 2009 we can finish the building. We are taking loans to finish the construction phase. When we start to admit the children, we need operational funds. We need about $1000 U.S. per year to house a child in this facility. Again, there is no administrative cost taken from such a donation. The money goes directly to the construction and operation of this home. We are very excited about the building project which is already underway.

We look forward to helping as many children as possible. We have been visiting different schools and orphanages to learn from others what is the best way to meet the needs of these children some of whom have special needs. We can make this dream a reality. But we need your help. Our goal is to give a better life to these children. Let it be a goal of yours as well. Help us help them.

Da-Jin Sun, President
10 May 2008


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